Sushi & Sake Fest 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
6:00-8:30 pm
Museum of History and Industry at South Lake Union

Tickets $100
Sponsorship $2,000

Come join us for an evening of delicious sushi prepared by local chefs, premium sake and Japanese beer. Sushi & Sake Fest is an annual fundraiser for Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project. We use digital technology to preserve the testimonies of Japanese Americans who were unjustly incarcerated during World War II. The proceeds from the event support:

Education Program
Densho's successful teacher workshop will be converted into an online course to reach thousands of teachers in 2015.

Densho Encyclopedia
The online Encyclopedia of the World War II experience of Japanese Americans will expand to over 1,000 multimedia articles by 2015.

Photograph and Document Collection
Densho Digital Repository of historic photographs and documents is searchable from Google and shareable through Facebook. The collection will continue to grow with more photographs, documents and videos.

Interview Program
Densho is expanding its interview collection through partnerships with Oregon Nikkei Endowment in Portland and the Manzanar National Historic Site.

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